What is this?

Desmænok is a visualization board, in form of a blog. It’s a compilation of pictures, stories and videos that evocate themes that are familiar to me. It features both creator owned content and features credited work from artists and users found online and readily available to be shared on the net.  We do not claim ownership over any on the contents of the sites unless noted.

What does Desmænok Mean?

Remember back then… when you got online… and you found stuff you liked, not porn, just a picture or a photo you liked a lot and wanted to save it? And you did and created folder for such pictures, pictures for yourself. And while it wasn’t illegal nor condemning you protected this folder, you wouldn’t want anyone to see, again not because it was wrong, but because it would be to hard to explain.  I hid mine with a name… something that people would not be interested in reading, a code name with all this pictures and files. My folder was named desmænok.

Years later, I found a copy of this folder on a backup disc. Without giving it much thought, I gave it to my now 5 year old boyfriend to give it a look. And I was quite surprised and puzzled by what I found… but most of it I was shocked as to how interesting HE found it. Recurrent themes, unresolved issues. He then share his with me and fascinated by them I was. Desmænok was born out of the need to share with eachother our fantasies and needs and to collaborately create something unique.


Is this a Pædo site?

No, despite what some people might think, most people portrayed in here is either too old to be considered children or too clothed to be in a sexually explicit or suggestive situation; But again… depends on how you measure things with. I believe things such as the context or layout of pictures are little to no crime and its persecution a form of limiting free speech.

Do you have permission to post all the images posted here?

Permission was seek when the material posted was not readily available for share on the web. This means that whatever you see here was either posted for share on DeviantART,  Youtube, Tumblr, Vimeo, Twitter and media sharing sites of the like.  If it wasn’t, the owner submitted the material willingly. Any verified owner of the material hosted, can freely demand the material to be removed by using contact form.

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